PatientWorks Introduction

Healthcare organizations spend millions of dollars automating and digitizing patient records only to discover that they can’t automate and digitize their patients.

It goes something like this: Get your patients in the system, process co-pays, document consent and other signatures. Plus, collect basic demographic, insurance and medically necessary information. Forms get filled out – or half filled out – while only some are actually legible. For some reason, the digital age requires more forms, not less. Patient volumes are up, staffing budgets are down. You need to verify each person is who they say they are and all that paper needs to be scanned and uploaded into your electronic charting system.

All the while you are trying to manage the patient queue; making sure no one waits too long.  Some patients show up too early, or worse, too late and you have to get your patients to the caregiver efficiently, quickly… and inexpensively.

There’s a better way:

PatientWorks - The Perfect Balance between Technology and Patient Service

Through our innovative solutions, we’ll automate your registration processes, both behind and in front of the registration desk. We’ll show you how to tame all those forms, electronically capture patient information, signatures, photos and other documents and only print the paper, label or wristband you need when you need it, where you need it.

PatientWorks will give you a clean and easy path to offer your patients self-service (through a kiosk or tablet) so you have time to offer more detailed service to those who want it. PatientWorks helps to ensure your patients get to the caregiver efficiently, quickly AND inexpensively.