barcode solutions

PatientWorks can produce any bar code symbology, linear or 2-dimensional, in any orientation, printing to your existing laser or thermal printers.

At the bed side: Positive patient identification is extremely important when scanning bar codes at the bedside. PatientWorks can ensure positive patient identification by deploying bar codes that include a Mod 43 check digit verification, ensuring the patient’s armband was read correctly. PatientWorks can also eliminate preceding zeros or add characters to comply with any bedside scanning solution you already have deployed.

In Medical Records: A 100% read rate is achieved when scanning bar codes into your electronic medical record solution. Patient identification and form identification bar codes are produced in exact zonal position to meet your scanning solution’s specifications.

Bar code properties can vary from printer to printer. Depending on the firmware of the device, differences in the mil density or narrow-to-wide ratios can create major headaches when scanning barcodes throughout your facility.

PatientWorks creates the bar code at the server level, and sends an image of the bar code to the printer. Integrating Zebra thermal printers along with PatientWorks enables you to print admission packets and provide a one-stop solution for your forms, labels, wristbands and other bar code needs.  


PatientWorks is one of the top vendors to hospitals for consumables (wrist bands, labels, etc.).  Contact us for a quote on your consumables today.