Children’s Specialized Hospital is a Pediatric Rehabilitation Facility located throughout the state of New Jersey. They are currently running MEDITECH Client Server Version 5.66.  During this presentation, Children’s Specialized will share the results of a recent project to provide patients and families the ability to self-register using mobile check-in tablets and kiosks as part of the MEDITECH registration process.  Children’s Specialized has a complex registration process where a patient can have appointments with multiple providers on the same day creating the challenge to find a solution that could handle the hospital’s complex process while allowing the hospital to grow its capacity due to aggressive expansion plans.

The Problem
Children’s Specialized Hospital was in expansion mode with adding new facilities and having 13 current sites throughout NJ.  The manual registration processes required extensive staff time and limited the hospital’s ability to grow.  In addition, the registration documentation and processes were complex and therefore subject to error and requiring considerable staff training.

Children’s Specialized Hospital’s management wanted:
1) A solution that would provide capacity to handle more patient volume.
2) One platform integrated to MEDITECH for all documents and procedures involved in registration.
3) To build intelligence into the solution that would handle the complex registration process and know the right questions to ask the patient’s parents based on the patient’s appointment.

The Solution
Children’s Specialized Hospital reviewed various solutions in the market and decided to partner with PatientWorks Corporation and Iatric Systems Inc. to implement a new tablet and Kiosk based registration and check-in process.  Iatric Systems provided key integration between PatientWorks’ CheckinWorks tablet and Kiosk software and MEDITECH.  PatientWorks provided its CheckinWorks and KioskWorks software.

The project took approximately 12 months to implement the first site.  The project teams from each of the companies worked together to determine how to present a check-in process to the patient that would simplify the complex check-in process but still provide all the required information and be able  to collect payments.

The hospital selected HP ElitePad 1000 tablets with retail jackets that allowed credit card processing.  All patients are provided with a tablet upon arrival.  They identify themselves using a Patient ID Card that the hospital has provided to each patient for positive patient identification.  The CheckinWorks solution looks up the patient and returns the appropriate appointment information. They can comfortably complete the registration process using the tablets including completing all forms, signing them for archival purposes, and making any payments necessary for the visit.

Patients are able to enroll for the Children’s Specialized Patient Portal, make any edits required to their demographic information, and provide their cell phone numbers for text reminders.  The tablet registration process with PatientWorks ensures that Children’s is in compliance with regulatory agencies for consents, mental health consents, and any other registration forms that are required.

Since the implementation of the solution at the first Children’s specialized site, patients have easily adapted to the use of the tablets.  Registration time for the patient has been reduced, copay collections have increased, consent forms are captured electronically and consistently.  During 2015 Children’s Specialized Hospital will be rolling out the solution to all of its sites throughout NJ.

During the MUSE presentation, Children’s Specialized Hospital presented the solution including the workflow, discussed the MEDITECH integration, and answered questions regarding the project.

Darlene Carr is the Director of Information & Technology Services at Children's Specialized Hospital in Mountainside, New Jersey.

MUSE 2015 

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