Whether your visitors check-in through KioskWorks or directly with staff, PatientWorks Visitor Management Solution tracks volumes, visit times and visitor compliance. 

Issue badges with barcodes to support security management of visitors to your medical facility.   Badges may be color coded or otherwise identified for only specific areas of the facility allowing staff to quickly and easily identify those individuals who are authorized to be in the designated area.  Badges can have an expiration date included in the barcode or other data to allow security systems to detect when permissions to be in the area has expired.  Badges may also be printed on time expiring badges that change color when expired.

Reports and metrics can be generated using the built in reporting module.  Your organization can easily track who is in your facility. 

Remotely Manage Visitors 

Staff can select the visitor type from a drop down list. (Parent, family, friend)   Additionally, a drop down list of areas the visitor is allowed to enter can be presented.  Information can be printed on the badge and/or included in the barcode and/or sent to your access control systems.  A picture of the visitor can be captured and printed on the badge and the driver’s license can be scanned.  Filtered views can be selected such as visitors to Lab, Radiology, and Vendors etc.  Visual cues can be established for visitors that cause exceptions such as visit time exceeds maximum allowable or exceeds maximum number of visitors for a particular patient.  Reports can be generated or data can be sent to other report writer applications.  Hospital Staff can “double click” visitor information within the Visitor Management Module to see detail information about the visit including the visitor’s photo and scanned Driver’s license