KioskWorks Cloud
At PatientWorks, we understand patient self-service. We also know the challenges of patient access and the complexity of patient workflows. In the new COVID-19 world, we know there are concerns about infections and the safety of both staff and patients.
Our solutions range from patient self-service check-in kiosks to tablets, mobile pre-registration, and portals.  We allow patients to do more by themselves both remotely and at your facilities and avoid long wait times at your facility.  This saves staff time, promotes safety, improves registration accuracy, and provides patients with a wide range of self-service tools.
Many healthcare providers attempt to push patient registration tasks out of their facilities to have the patient workflows done before the patient’s arrival. This reduces registration time and work and allows patients to be quickly served improving their satisfaction.
KioskWorks Cloud on Laptop
KioskWorks Cloud allows patients to check-in from home, on their mobile phones or on self-service kiosks. Why wait for the patient to arrive at your facility to start the registration process? Let them pre-check-in for appointments or reserve time for services such as lab, x-rays, etc. from their home or phone using our KioskWorks Cloud solution.
Ask screening questions about COVID-19 to stop infected individuals from presenting at your facility.
Similar to checking in for an airline flight the day before your flight, KioskWorks Cloud allows patients to check-in for their appointments, verify demographic data, make necessary payments, and proceed quickly to their service area when they arrive at your facility or for their telehealth appointment.

Patients have gone digital.  They are mobile.

They want the ability to perform appointment check-in from anywhere. Patients have gone digital. They’re mobile.
They want the ability to perform appointment check-in from anywhere.
KioskWorks Cloud lets you extend your information systems to the patient’s computers and mobile devices. Consumers in today’s economy use computers at home and smart phones to transact business and expect to have the same conveniences from their healthcare provider.
Now you can empower you patients with a simple and easy to use web browser-based application that gives them the same features and functionality they see from self-service kiosks at your location.

Protect your patients' PHI and Cardholder Data

KioskWorks Cloud is hosted either by you or in the cloud. The data is encrypted to protect PHI. The payment processing is through a PCI Compliant component where no card data is stored on the application or in your networks.
Provide your patients more convenience and save time and money.

Check in from home

Mobile Phone Check-in
Standalone or embedded in your patient portal.
You may implement KioskWorks Cloud as a standalone site with registration processes or embed it in your current patient portal for ease of use.
Patients log into a secure website to access the KioskWorks Cloud application and its functions.
Patients are presented the appointments that are available for check-in.

Check in for appointments

Check-in for one or multiple appointments. Based on defined parameters the appointments for the patient are presented and the patient selects the appointments they wish to pre-check-in for.

Verify Insurance and Demographic Data

Allow patients to verify insurance and key demographic data.
This allows the patient to verify key information prior to arriving the facility thereby saving the patient’s and staff’s time.

Online Electronic Forms

Forms        Signature
Save paper and time. Patients can electronically sign the necessary forms insuring compliance and automatically sending the signed forms to your imaging system. This saves staff time and paper. Patients can sign the required forms electronically. The forms are then stored as images and submitted to your imaging system to associate with the patient and visit.
With KioskWorks Cloud, patients can check-in from home, complete registration forms, make co-payments, verify insurance, update demographic data, and receive a “fast path” acknowledgement to speed them through the registration process when they arrive for their services.
You have visibility on who has pre-checked-in and whether they have paid, made changes to their information and signed the necessary forms.

Benefits of Mobile Check-in:

  •  Patients can pre-check-in from home the day before their appointments.
  •  Enhances safety and reduces risk of infection.
  •  Improves patient satisfaction.
  •  Insures patient payments are made before services are provided.
  •  Speeds patient flow in registration areas.
  •  Seamlessly integrated to your hospital or practice management applications.
  •  HIPAA and PCI secure for protection of patient and cardholder data.
  •  Allows patients to be more accurate in completing forms due to their access to files and records at home.
Contact Norman Snidow at for more information.  His phone number is 919.238.4754.