Appointment Reminders.   PatientWorks gives you the ability to send appointment reminders to your patients a set time before their upcoming appointments via text or email.  Integrated with our various self-service check-in products, the mobile solution allows a patient to also preregister for their appointments by selecting their upcoming appointment, verifying their demographics and insurance, signing electronic forms required for the appointment, and paying their copayments related to the selected appointments.  This alerts your staff as to who has preregistered and saves the patient time when they arrive for their appointment.  The solution reduces no shows and saves your staff time and money while providing patients with the convenience of signing paperwork, verifying data, and making payments from home or on their mobile phones.



Appointment Reminder

Patients today want text reminders since they use their mobile phones extensively.  If you have a high rate of patient no shows for their appointments you can dramatically reduce the no show frequency by sending text or email appointment reminders.  Customize the messages by department or service.  Save staff time with automated reminders and online scheduling so that you can spend more time with your patients.  Improve your patient satisfaction, better communicate with patients, and improve your results with custom text and email messages to support your operations.  When used in conjunction with our Messenger and KioskWorks Cloud mobile solutions, patients can quickly and easily communicate with staff regarding their upcoming visits.

Create and send automated engagement communications to your patients  to share information prior to their appointments, to engage during the intake process or to follow up with patients after appointments.

Communicate with multiple languages to allow patients to easily understand the messages they receive.

Use the solution to quickly push out mass messages digitally to patients when you need to communicate on a one-to-many basis.

Include wayfinding directions on how to get to your facility in town and how to find the service area in your facility with turn by turn directions.