Self-Service Kiosk

Checking in and processing large numbers of patients, collecting personal information and co-payments as well as disseminating repetitive information regarding directions, department, staff and policies can expend large amounts of hospital resources.

KioskWorks lets you create a customizable user touch screen program that will enhance the relationship between your patients, visitors and staff. KioskWorks will also extend the reach of your hospital resources.  The KioskWorks solution will greatly increase patient satisfaction, reduce FTE requirements and improve bottom line collections. 

The Perfect Balance between Technology and Patient Service

KioskWorks utilizes an advanced software toolset built upon the PatientWorks platform that can interface with patient data from existing hospital information systems.

KioskWorks is the patient self-service solution the helps your organization to improve your check-in process, insurance verification and co-payment collection. The KioskWorks solution will deliver information including interactive maps to staff and departments, patient education, and provide marketing and fundraising opportunities to your patient and visitors.

  • Integrate to any Health Information System (HIS) and/or scheduling system.
  • Send appointment reminders via text or email to reduce no shows.
  • Streamline Patient Flow and Optimize Staff Efficiencies.
  • Self Check-In for scheduled appointments and walk-ins.
  • Electronically sign consent and insurance forms.
  • Self credit card processing.
  • Check in management.  
  • Know what pre-check-in patients have done at home or on their phones before arriving.
  • Capture unique patient information.
  • Ask a series of questions pertaining to reason for visit, state regulations or other medically relevant or demographic information you need to capture during the check in process.
  • Verify patient demographic information.
  • Confirm and update insurance information.
  • Decrease accounts receivable.
    • Co-pay collection - KioskWorks never forgets to ask for co-pay.
  • Increase return on investment.
    • Business partner support.
    • Advertising.
    • Realignment or reduction of staff resource.
  • Offer your patients technology when they want it - freeing up staff to work with those patients who do not.
    • Interactive maps for wayfinding.
    • Automated check-in for appointments or procedures.
    • Interactive department and medical staff directories.
    • Standardization and control of information.
    • Touch screen and virtual keyboard technology.
    • Multi-lingual support.
  • Continually improve operations and implement best practices.
  • Patient queue and wait-time tracking.
  • Patient surveys.
  • Configure and capture kiosk usage statistics.
  • Additional fundraising opportunities
  • Co-marketing opportunities with community service providers.
    • Drive traffic to in-house gift shop, food and other services.
    • Collect charitable donations.