PatientWorks today announced that the J-Point Cashiering Software for Healthcare now supports EMV Compliance in the United States and Canada.  The EMV (Europay MasterCard Visa) standards shift liability for credit card fraud to the merchant in October 2015 if the merchant (healthcare provider) does not have an EMV compliant credit card payment system (including hardware and software).

J-Point integrates with the hospital's HIS application to process patient payments at registration.  For example, J-Point is integrated with Epic software at NYU Medical Center and Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic so a registrant seamlessly processes payment with J-Point while in the Epic application.  Healthcare providers use J-Point to integrate their credit card payment processing to their enterprise applications thereby improving financial controls, accountability, and the ability to interface with various peripheral devices.

Through integration with Verifone's POINT hardware and software as a service solution, J-Point provides healthcare providers in the United States with the ability to take their credit card processing "out of scope."  The tokenization, encryption and Verifone service remove any exposure of sensitive patient credit card data from the J-Point cashiering application and the healthcare provider's network and systems.  This reduces the risk of a breach and reduces costs of PCI Compliance.

For Canadian healthcare providers, J-Point uses Tender Retail to support the chip and pin credit card processing (EMV has been implemented in Canada for some time now).

J-Point using POINT provides a gateway where the healthcare provider may use any of the leading merchant services companies and does not have to change merchant processors to implement POINT.  However, POINT facilitates easy conversion if the healthcare providers wishes to change merchant services providers in the future.