Check-In Tablet

In today's world of increasing patient volumes, declining reimbursements and increasing costs, healthcare organizations are looking for new ways to run their operations more efficiently. Simultaneously, patients are becoming true consumers: more demanding, more informed and more likely to shop around for quality care and superior service.

In order to stay competitive organizations must balance superior patient service with operational efficiencies. KioskWorks Cloud provides patients with all the standard self-service conveniences they are accustomed to. KioskWorks Cloud is specifically designed to allow your patients to walk themselves through the entire check in process.

Patients with or without appointments can:

  • Verify personal information including insurance.
  • Ask screening questions
  • Fill out and sign required forms.
  • Answer questions typically asked at the beginning of a patient consultation (i.e. medical screening interview).
  • Make co-pay payments.

Using the power of the PatientWorks platform you can easily integrate with your information management system and/or scheduling system. KioskWorks frees your patients from having to enter previously captured information.