Temperature Screening Kiosks

Temp Kiosk Entry

Screening staff, visitors, and patients temperatures as they enter the facility with a fast and easy to use temperature screening kiosk provides safety and comfort for everyone involved in healthcare today.

PatientWorks offers a variety of temperature screening kiosk options.  The exact model we recommend depends on your specific needs.  Since these products are currently in high demand and are new to the market, there are many choices for you to consider.  We did a thorough evaluation of the various products available today and would be happy to share why we recommend the kiosk model we do.

Contact us to learn about our recommendations and why a specific kiosk might best fit your long term needs.

The kiosk shown above is available in various models (including a wall mount option not shown below).

Kiosk Models

Elo Touch Temperature Screening Solution

Elo Temperature Screening Kiosk

Elo Self-Service Kiosk


Elo Configuration Options


Elo Specifications



Another option is shown below.

Other kiosk option



Save staff time 

Reduce risk of infection


Quick check

Accurate temperature reading

Supplement with COVID questions




Automate the safety checking of individuals entering your facilities by implementing this new technology.

Lobby view