Map Maker allows Hospital personnel to establish an unlimited number of maps and directions based on kiosk location.  Multilingual support for all maps and directions can be established based on the patient population.  Hospital staff can easily denote the most efficient way to a destination with visual and turn-by-turn directions.  


  1. Support unlimited maps in multiple languages
  2. Easily create turn-by-turn directions in multiple languages
  3. Directions can be configured based on kiosk orientation
  4. Most popular destinations are determined from usage at each kiosk location
  5. Destinations can be easily linked to hospital departments defined in the directory, letting users switch from directions to department information at a touch of the screen
  6. Simple copy-and-paste allows reuse of any shared directions
  7. A preview mode allows visual validation of stored paths
  8. Option to print turn by turn directions based on Kiosk location.
  9. City map overlays with directions to local attractions, eateries, hotels, doctors’ offices, clinics, hospitals, in fact any location desired!
  10. Printed turn by turn direction
  11. Email directions to smart phones
  12. Text the physical address to smart phones for its Navigation feature to Wayfind patient to location.

Popular destinationsEach kiosk maintains its own most popular destinations list, with turn by turn directions with cognitive aids as well as written directions.

Search destination: Example: If “Ca” is typed (using on-screen virtual keyboard) a list is displayed with all possible locations that meets the criteria i.e. (Cafeteria, Cardiology)



City map overlays provide turn by turn directions to local attractions, hotels, restaurants, clinics, hospitals, and doctor’s offices. 

You can even view all hospital maps, and when selecting a map, all associated points of interest will be displayed.